Turkey continues to grapple with fierce US objection to its purchase of S-400 defense system acquisition from Russia. In Turkey, where a neutral monetary policy is in charge, US pressure on Ankara to cancel the buying of Russian missiles is changing the market direction.
The United States is all but ready to slap sanctions on Turkey unless the latter cancels its purchase of S-400 missiles from Russia until the first week of June, raising stakes in the already high tensions between the two NATO allies.
With the announcement of Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday that she is resigning on June 7 from the leadership of the ruling Conservative and Unionist Party along with the country’s premiership, the contest has opened for a new name to lead the Tories and the United Kingdom.
Negative interest rate policy (NIRP) is one of many monetary policy instruments implemented by central banks. Negative interest rate has been used to combat concerns surrounding slowing growth and inflation.
Global oil prices entered into a plunge as the earlier supply-related concerns now turned into fears of lower demand with the Sino-US trade war appearing to extend into the rest of the year, if not the next one. The downward movement is already perceived to be a bear market by some market participants. Coming down to the vicinity of the 50 dollar level, Brent prices have fallen over 20 percent in the past four months.
The European Central Bank laid forward its most recent pathway after its policy meeting on Thursday. President Mario Draghi ruled out any post-crisis rate hikes for at least the first half of 2020 but also did not join a bandwagon of central banks setting out for rate cuts. The ECB instead insisted on engaging in asset purchases in order to support the slowing Eurozone economy.
Voters across 28 European Union member states are going to the polls this week in a nearly continent-wide round of elections starting from May 23 and lasting until the 26th. Europeans will be casting ballots for thousands of candidates who vie for 753 seats at the Brussels-based European Parliament.
The United States and China have agreed to a second ceasefire in their long-running trade war at the G20 summit in Japan’s Osaka in the late June 2019, which has pumped optimism to the world markets from Asia to America. US President Donald Trump's and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping’s decision was relieving.
The term "Fragile Five" was coined and first used by the New York-based investment banking company Morgan Stanley analysts in 2013 to refer to developing countries that were largely reliant on foreign investment for economic growth. Since then, the designation...
Two drone attacks on Saudi oil production facilities in mid-September that nearly halved the kingdom’s output and supplies to the world’s major economies frightened markets so much that prices jumped more than 20 percent immediately when the trading week...